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Information on How to Create Flyers

Creating a flyer can be a good way to get some extra publicity for your business or for an event. A good piece of information to remember before you start creating your flyer is that the return rate on flyers is only 2-3%. This means for every 1000 flyers you distribute you will only get 20 to 30 responses. Another thing to prepare for when creating a flyer is the bombardment of phone calls from people trying to sell to you.

For my first business that I started I created 50 flyers to place on notice boards in local businesses, it probably wasn’t the best investment of time of money but I was a novice back then. Out of those 50 flyers I got 0 calls for business and 4 calls from people trying to sell to me.

If the low return rate and bombardment of telemarketers doesn’t put you off then here is some useful information on creating a good flyer:missing dog (he has huge balls)

Create an eye catching flyer

Most flyers end up in the trash; if you create an eye catching flyer then at least they may read it first. Use a snazzy line to catch their attention; you could even consider using an innuendo to catch their eye. Remember that it’s only the persons mind who makes what is said rude. An example of this is a line I used on a computer flyer for a virus repair company. In large print it read: “Do you use protection?” then under it enquired about the persons anti-virus software. At a glance people could think it is talking about condoms, after all, sex sells. Your flyer needs to stand out, there are so many flyers about that most people just ignore them.

Use colourful and interesting pictures on your flyer

A good picture can make or break a flyer. Things that stand out spark an emotional reaction in the person viewing said material. You need to figure out what sort of emotional response your image creates. Again make sure your picture stands out, if it is interesting then people will look at it.

Let them take your phone number

take some paper flyerIf you are placing the flyer on a notice board make sure to add some little strips to the bottom of the flyer with your contact details on. This allows your potential customer to rip off one of the strips and take your details away with them. This is useful as some people may not have anything to make a note of your details with. In this sort of scenario most people will just walk off as it’s not worth their time to try and acquire a pen and some paper.

Information on creating the flyer

Creating the flyer itself is the easy part. If you have any image editing software you’re already there. Windows systems come with Microsoft paint, go to the start menu then to accessories. Alternatively you could create the flyer using Microsoft Word. Preferably if you are looking to make a professional flyer then it is recommended to use some professional graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop. Use your desired image editing software to create the flyer design and then print off some copies. It would be advisable not to spend too much on creating your flyers considering the 2-3% returns, however if you make a substantial amount per sale then 2-3% could work out to be a lot of cash.

Create a flyer for your target audience

A good idea may be to create a flyer for the types of people who will read it. For example if you are distributing flyers to people who you know may be elderly then use larger text and tailor it to please their elderly culture. If you’re targeting people in their teens then you can be more outrageous with your designs and use some eye catching and crazy pictures. If you create a flyer for a bus stop you could make a humorous joke about riding the bus to catch their eye. Creating a flyer for a specific audience can save you money on printing as you can expect higher returns if done correctly.

Information on flyer creation summery

In summery creating flyers can be a good way to promote your business. However depending on what your product is, it may be a more worthwhile investment to spend your money on other areas of marketing first. If you can create an extremely good flyer you could break the 2-3% return rate but if you create bad flyers you could make a loss. Make sure to get opinions on your flyer designs before you get hundreds printed.


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