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Advice on Report Writing

There will be times within your life when you will need to write a report to summarise a project that you have undertaken through school, college, university or work. Many of us dread the thought of having to write one, let alone understand how to lay your report in a correct format. This article will give you a basic knowledge and template that can be adapted to suit the project and audience you require.

Firstly if the project has been undertaken by more than one person, you will need to hold a meeting to discuss the findings of the project, any objectives and recommendations. If your project involved evaluation forms or questionnaires then the information must be collated in the correct format before you start to break down your findings. Once you have completed the collation of information you are then ready to start your in suit writing a report

The basic template for a report should include:

Report Contents Page

The Contents Page can be completed once you have finished the report as it will relate to page numbers and sections within your report.

Summary/ Executive Summary/ Terms of Reference

This section is used to give a snap shot of your project in 3 or 4 paragraphs, it is vitally important if your report is being distributed to people who do not have time to read the whole report (annoying I know).

Report Introduction

The Introduction section gives you the opportunity to explain why you are undertaking the project and generally reflects the information you include within your conclusion.

Research/ Workforce Strategies/ Other Projects that support the Research

Include any previous projects you have undertaken and any documents or strategies which you have read that was used in supporting the project.

Main Information of the Report

This is the section that will be the main area to explain your project and analyse why it went ahead. Please remember to not disclose the results of the project under the main information.

Results of Project/ Evaluation of Forms or Questionnaires etc.

If you have completed Evaluation forms or questionnaires for your project this is the section to include it in. To make the report easier to read and more visibly pleasing to the eye, include spreadsheets or pie charts when producing your data. If your research cannot be transferred into spreadsheets e.g. comments. Select a variety of data for the report and include the rest as an Appendices. hand writing a report

Report Conclusion

You will need to bring all your findings from your project under the conclusion. Try not to use the same text or sentences within the rest of your report, and ensure you don’t include any new information.


All projects will have recommendations however small or large they maybe, ideally you should list them and include, a brief summary of your recommendation, why you feel this should improve the project and any financial information.


This is a list of any supporting documents you have used within your report and where the document can be found (electronic documents). When using appendices within your report make sure you clearly number them for the reader e.g. How To Write A Report (App 1).


If you quote or use any research information then ensure you index the information within the footer of your document and then list the information at the end of your report.


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