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Dogs Wearing Clothes

Marvel in the wonders of these bizarre dogs wearing clothes! Some are hilarious and some are just plain strange. We are sure you will find a dog picture that makes you laugh in our fantastic collection of dogs wearing clothes.

You can click on a dog picture to view it at a larger size!

The Scary Bear

scary bear dog

Bill at the Beach

dog in coat

Bert the Bee

bee dog

The Sassy Pose

sassy pose

Austin Powers Dog

austin powers dog

Dog in a Frock

dog in dress

Sam the Salty Sailor Dog

sailor dog

King of the Dogs

royal dog

The Ugly Princess

ugly princess dog

Balding Bill

dog in wig

Clive Forgot His Trousers

dog in suit

Pirate Steve

pirate dog

Britney's Pink Dress

dog in pink dress

Farting Fee Fee

frilly dog

William's Wonderful Wig

wig dog

Hoodie Dog

hoodie dog

The Dog Dancer

wtf dog

Helga the Hag Dog

washer woman dog

Dorothy Dog

dorothy dog

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