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How to Cook Frozen Pizza in the Oven

Surprisingly cooking a frozen pizza in the oven actually requires some skill. There are plenty of people who have cooked a pizza in the oven and failed miserably. The key to cooking a good oven pizza is to regularly check on the progress of the pizza. If you leave it for too short a time the middle will be soggy or even cold! If you leave it for too long then it will be burnt and disgusting or the base will just be very hard and the topping quite dry. By following these tips you should be able to cook a delightful oven pizza from frozen with ease!

Put on the oven firstfrozen oven pizza

Put on the oven before you even go to get the pizza out the freezer. This will save you some preparation time on your pizza as you will have a warmer oven once you have it ready. A good temperature to put the oven on is 200 Degrees Celsius, 400 Degrees Fahrenheit or Gas Mark 6. You could wait to preheat the oven if you wanted to but generally it doesn’t matter if the oven is preheated when cooking a pizza. Just put it in anyway, you may as well make use of that oven heat.

Find something to cook the pizza on

Next we need to remove all the packaging and find something suitable to cook the pizza on. Frozen pizzas are extremely versatile when it comes to cooking them. You could place them on a proper pizza cooking pan or on a baking try. A tip for those who can’t be bothered is to put some foil in the bottom of the oven to catch the cheese drips and then just place it on one of the shelves in your oven.

Cook the frozen pizza for the correct timefancy oven pizza

The tip to cooking a pizza well is checking on it regularly. Set an alarm on your oven, watch or phone for 13minuites. Ignore the cooking instructions on the pizza box as these are usually inaccurate. After 13 minutes go back and check your pizza. After this you will want to check on your pizza every 2 minutes. Once you get good at cooking oven pizza you will be able to predict the exact time it needs after the 13minuites. Until then it is better to be safe than sorry, a burnt pizza is a waste of money and time.

How to know when the pizza is cooked

Some things you should check for are:

If you follow all the steps on this page you will cook a perfect frozen pizza every time!

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