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How to Boil Carrots on the Stove

Boiling carrots on the stove can be an easy way to cook carrots. As well as being an easy way to cook carrots they also taste great when cooked on the stove! Our guide on cooking carrots on the stove will teach you how to cook them step by step and make them taste great! Carrots are a delicious addition to most meals and you can cook them to your own preference. You may like your carrots cooked hard or you may like them soft. No matter how you like your carrots cooked we will teach you how.carrots on a chopping board

Chop your carrots up

First you will need to cut your carrots up. Unless you want to serve your guests some whole carrots! Which I am sure you probably don’t. There are many options for cutting your carrots, you can cut them horizontally into little circles or cut them vertically into strips.

Boil some water for the carrots

Next boil some water in the kettle. This will save you time when boiling the water on the stove. You can use this technique when boiling anything on the stove as it is a great time saver.

Put the boiling water in a pot on the stove

Next pour your boiling water out the kettle into a pot on the stove. The hob on the stove should be turned up high enough to keep the water boiling but be careful not to turn it up too high! If you have the hob on your stove too hot the water will boil over and make a mess

Add some butter to your boiling water

This is optional but you can add butter to your boiling water. This will make your carrots much better. The more butter you add to the boiling water the more of a buttery flavour your carrots will have. Start with two teaspoons of butter. You can add more butter to them for more flavour.carrots on stove

Add your carrots to the boiling water

Next put your carrots in the boiling water on the stove. Be careful not to drop them in too hard in case boiling water splashes out an scolds you.

How to know when the carrots are cooked

After about 3 minutes of cooking your carrots take a fork and push it into one of them. You will be able to tell how hard your carrots are by using this method. Some people like their carrots cooked to different hardness’s. The longer you leave them boiling for the softer they will become. You can use your own judgement to know if the carrots are cooked, there is no perfect time that all stoves cook carrots in. Check after three minutes of cooking them and you should get them spot on.

We hope this has helped you learn how to boil carrots on the stove and that you can use them to make a lovely accompaniment to your meals.

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