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Advice on Roasting a Duck

Looking for some advice on roasting a duck? Well then you have come to the right place. Roasting a whole duck can seem a little tricky but if you take your time it can be very rewarding and delicious.

The best way to cook duck is with crispy skin on the outside and succulent and tender meat on the inside. Duck is one of the most succulent meats with lots of flavour and tantalising aromas.

You can keep the duck fat as is it great for roasting potatoes and vegetables with. Another great thing about duck is that it tastes great even when it’s been reheated. You could always cook extra duck than is needed and reheat the extra to make duck wraps or something else for the next day.

Information and advice for roasting a duck

Hopefully our advice has helped you to cook a delicious roast duck. I bet it tastes great! Congratulations.


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