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How to Download Bittorrents

Downloading bittorrents is a quick and easy way to download music, movies, games and more. Downloading bittorrents is totally legal and a legitimate way to download media. However it is the content that you may choose to download that may violate copyright laws. This article will guide you through downloading torrents step by step and explain the basics of bittorrents.

Choose a Bittorrent Website

To download a bittorrent you will need to choose a website to download the .torrent file from. .torrent files are a link to the other people who are downloading the particular file you are looking for. The .torrent file is opened with a program for reading this particular file with. We will discuss bittorrent clients (the program used to open the file) later on. To get your bittorrent files I would recommend a website called this website contains comments about each torrent so that you can see if it is legitimate. In addition is has an extremely vast database of torrent content. You can find practically anything on Btjunkie, it finds torrents that other sites I have tried don’t seem to be able to find. Below is a screen shot detailing the key areas for operating the search and download. interface

Choose a Bittorrent Client

A bittorrent client is the program that is used to open a .torrent file and download the data. You will need to download a bittorrent client to use the .torrent file. I recommend a program called Utorrent to download your torrents with. There are plenty more programs out there but this is by far the best I have found. You can download Utorrent from: downloading Utorrent is rather easy just click on the free download link on the page and install the program.

Downloading the Bittorrent

Now that you have the Bittorent client and the .torrent file you are ready to start downloading. First open the .torrent file with Utorrent and then uncheck any of the files you don’t want to download from the Utorrent interface. Next press OK and you’re done! Now all you need to do is wait for your download to finish and enjoy.

Information valid as of 01/10/2011 please let us know if it becomes out dated.

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